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I am interested in adding balloons to my event but I am not sure what is possible

The possibilties of what we can do with balloons is endless. We are only limited by our imagination. Our suggestion to you:
1. Go to our Portfolio and select the category that match your theme or event. We have a wide variety of images in most categories.
2. Remember to look at more than one category - sometimes you find inspiration in the most unlikely areas :)
3. Fill in our DECOR REQUEST form and give us as much information about your event as possible. We will respond with a mail with ideas. We might give you a call to get more information.
4. Feel free to send us a mail or give us a call and request some ideas. Remember the more information we have regarding your event the better we can serve you.

I have seen something I like on Pinterest. Can you replicate the design for me?

In general terms the answer would be yes. There are a few things to take into consideration however: 1. Not all balloons seen from international pages are available in the country. It is therefor possible that we could re-create the design but with other balloons.
2. It is wise to remember that an image is just a capture of a fraction of a moment. Looks can be deceiving. For example: you might not be able to see how a particular design has been installed and that it might not be practical for your particular use.
You can rest assure however that you can rely on us for honest and professional advise.
3. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and in many situations it is simply the most practical solution. While it might not be practical to try and redesign the wheel, it might be worth considering the fact that balloon decor is also and artform. Every designer would like the opportunity to create something in their own personal style. We would like to encourage you to give us the opportunity to suggest something original and specially made for you!

I recently received a quote and was shocked at the high price. A balloon is just a balloon. Why is it so expensive?

It has been our experience that many people think of a balloon a cheap product. In our view it is important to consider the following before reviewing the cost. 1. Not all balloons are created equal. Some suppliers work with the cheaper brands while others work with professional quality balloons. There is no denying that the professional quality balloons are superior in quality and one cannot expect all balloons to cost the same. The higher quality balloons have a lower burst rate and will have a significantly longer lifespan than the cheaper brands. 2. Being a balloon decorator is no different to running any other type of business. We too have overheads and exactly the same expenses as any other business for example:
rent / vehicle / insurance / running costs & maintenance / phones / branding & marketing / stock purchases / staff / website & internet / training / appearance and more 3. Time = Money! The time of a balloon decorator is by no means less valuable than any other professional person. You cannot expect a great product or service without compensating for their time.


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